DBZ:BT3 Dragon Ball Cheat / Dragon Show

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============Sparking Trainer/Editor release==========An update as I'm releasing a complete version of my trainer/editor for Budokai Tenkaichi 3/Sparking Meteor, with pretty much all options my pnach file cheats have and more. It can be found in this thread over pcsx2 forums:http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Sparking-Budokai-Tenkaichi-3-trainer-editorObviously that trainer/editor is made for PS2 version of the game ran under PCSX2 emulator nothing else supported. It has some fun cheating features, so feel free to give it a try even if you know how to use pnach files and all of that;]. Obviously it also has an option to freeze dragonballs, in case anyone wants to check all dragons on his own and never were able to use cheats before.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------­-Nothing special, frozen dragon balls amount using cheat engine couse I feel like adding alot of stuff to my cheat table for this game and also to show fixed dragons in PCSX2 0.9.9. Was a bit in hurry couse my hdd filled up a bit and was low on space.;P But I cycled through all dragon wishes if anyone was lazy to collect dragon balls before. Heh due for yet another question about it some explanation: - I'm using cheats while playing on PCSX2 on this video, cheats for this game which I created myself for PCSX2 can be found in this post - http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Post-your-PCSX2-cheats-patches-here?pid=186527... it has a general list of included cheats as they all can be turned ON/OFF, by editing the pnach file. In case of any update I always have it there, soo the links doesn't really change. After adding widescreen patch I probably made all usable cheats I could think off, I had some other on my mind, but that's one game which doesn't really need more as it already allows to completely customize gameplay in both ways easier/harder and that was my goal;]. - Those cheats would potentially also work on PS2, but you would need to create or find a working master code and convert them to your cheating tool, as you cannot cheat on PS2 without special cheating programs, I don't support that as I don't have any of cheating tools for PS2 and not gonna waste time learning things I will never need and cannot even test over my ps2, but feel free to try as long as you have some experience and all the tools it should be piece of cake. - No support at all for Wii and Wii emulator, and not couse I'm mean or hate nintendo, I simply doesn't have it. That's all, my codes will surely not work over it, some would potentially not even have a chance to work considering Wii version is different and having online multiplayer probably have some bothersome anti-cheating protection(unless the wii suck completely and allows cheating in online games, but I wouldn't know).==============================================Seriously, people who say that's fake "couse" I didn't saved are complete morons;], I don't reload the game soo "not saving" wouldn't really restore the dragonballs. Besides I not only have cheats for this game all over the place, but also made a trainer which can do that as well. More to add this is ran on the emulator, if I wanted to, I wouldn't really have to bother with any saving screen at all, could just savestate before clicking menu, then reload it a few times.;] Jeez, idiots grow on trees nowadays;/. Internet sucks by showing that.
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