(Rehab 911) BlogTalk Radio-Sunday Morning Gospel With Larry Cornelius

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Listen-once a month Rehab 911 BlogTalk Radio Show will host Sunday Morning Gospel, taking testimony on how God and His Wisdom created the littlest things that brought someone they know or themselves out of the hands of death by cancer or other prognosis that man said could not be healed thanks to that rock He got behind call Mama Mothers Nature who knows what best for our good health and happiness.You are welcome leave your testimony or a testimony of someone you know in our comment box link to this video and other videos being prepare to except bulk testimonies from the four corners of the world on why you feel as we feel "Mama, the Lords " Mother's Nature" knows what best for your "Good Health and Happiness" when it comes to illnesses physicians such as those at Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Center Dr. Shelileah Ramsey Chief of the Center and her cascade of bullies at 1300 Miccosukee Rd., Tallahassee Florida 32308, to whom they all had no-plan on healing, but certain plans on milking Medicate and Medicaid for thousands of tax-payers dollars while debilitating Larry Cornelius until death as a treatment plan for a dot that was on his tonsil. Simply put, it was all about money nothing about the Oath Dr. Shelileah Ramsey and her cascade medical bullies took to heal the sick and the elderly. In the mean time beware of this Cancer Center America, they practice Mad Medicines with threats and disruptive behaviors when patients appeal to move on in fear of not being healed of medical issues that can be remedied with - Mama "Mother's Nature" - who knows what best for our Good Health and Happiness. So leave your awesome testimony or the testimony of someone you know and hear the testimony being read personally by Minister Larry D Cornelius creator 'Rehab 911 BlogTalk Radio Sunday Morning Gospel Show coming soon on BlogTalk Radio.With that said. Each day we wake-up and give all the Glory to the Lord. After, we thank Medicine Man's Corner in Thomasville GA., at 1-229-226-7373 for knowing God. Thus they were able to see the need that was in Rehab 911 Online Motivation Program creator "Larry D. Cornelius" decorated Vietnam Veteran as he helplessly suffered with cancer, decreased immune system at the hands of a concocted devise develop on sight without the approval of the EPA an or other organization created to protect patients from physicians who practices Mad Medicines. We give thanks for aiding Larry's second degree burn internally and externally, loss of weight, extreme pain and debilitation, even possible death all alone "unconditionally". Medicines Man's Corner deeds where, put simply, Godly obedience, which has resulted in Larry being able to live and praise God the way he loves to praise him "joyfully"..Equally important, their Natural Remedies are more effective than main stream pharmaceuticals. Even still, one most employ work with any act of faith to succeed. For example, lots of exercise, good wholesome life style, drug free and most important, a total commitment regarding "nothing is to hard for GOD.In addition, you can now book Minister Larry Cornelius at any upcoming Health Care Conferences, Rehab's PTSD and Other Trauma group sessions; church conferences, Blogtalk, talk t v and radio shows to hear how Larry Cornelius a Decorated Disable American Vietnam Veteran lived through one of the worse medical attacks of the 21st Century. Larry also hosts Gospel Show/Concerts and or Conferences world-wide with well over 50 years of experience as a Master of Ceremony with the Genus Book Inductees, Gold Record Winners, Hall of Famers and Family Cornelius Brothers Sister Rose and Bille Jo. Just email at: inforehab@aol.com and make your request for upcoming events nationally and or worldwide. Donations and Contributions accepted only, made payable to Rehab 911 Online Motivation Program - Scholarship Foundation and Aid To Soldiers Family In Despair Program by U. S. Postal P. O. Box "money Order and check ", and PayPal on Rehab 911 donation contribution link. Please act accordingly`!This is a "Rehab 911 Online Motivation Program"Medical WATCHDOG Alert-"BlogTalk Radio Show"Hosted by: Larry D. CorneliusDisabled American Vietnam Veteran- Cancer Survivor.
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